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As the TFT-LCD market booms, demand for increased portability, price competitiveness, and innovative multimedia/high-end features drives manufacturers to seek new technology solutions.

Advanced Fringe Field Switching (AFFS) technology is HYDIS signature TFT-LCD technology which has earned them a contender title in the TFT-LCD market and industry. AFFS-applied LCDs have led the company to its current market standing as the leader in the Tablet PC industry.

FFS is patented by HYDIS. It exceeds conventional IPS technology by offering wider
viewing angles and improved transmittance.

FFS becomes Advanced FFS (AFFS) with a 180 degree viewing angle and authentic color.

HYDIS wins IR52 Jang Youngsil Award, Korea's highest award in technology, for AFFS Technology.

HYDIS Licenses AFFS technology Patent to Japan's Hitachi Displays.